Western Cape Ringball educating members on COVID prevention

Ringball is still a few steps away from getting the go-ahead to return to play. So says Wynand Zaayman, president of the Western Cape Ringball Federation, a member of the Western Cape Provincial Sport Confederation.

Wynand Zaayman – President Western Cape Ringball

The national body submitted their compliance plans for a return to play to the Ministry of Sport, Arts and Culture on 26 June. Now they are busy updating the schedule in the hopes they will get the green light.

According to Wynand they are working hard at making sure they are fully compliant with national regulations and that all their members are aware of the various protocols as per their national plan.

Wynand added that member education is vital and they are thus busy with regular communication with their members. One of their communication methods is their newsletter. Their most recent newsletter includes several important components around the prevention and spread of the COVID-19 virus including information on legislation and health and safety protocols. 

Wynand added that they were hoping to resume playing towards the end of the month, but with Lockdown now extended to 15 August they have moved the goalposts. If they are able to start, it would be for training only.

The national championships were supposed to be held in Pretoria in the second last week of June but was now postponed until further notice – depending on when they can return to play. The local league only saw two weekends of action in March before Lockdown kicked in.

Wynand said they need at least 6 Saturdays to complete their league schedule. Meanwhile the players are keeping themselves active by training at home and doing things online.