Transformation Monitoring Commission

Consisting of a chairperson, Mr Arthur Cowley, this commission is responsible for ensuring that each federation within the Six District Sport Councils have submitted their transformation targets.

These targets are in line with the parameters as set out in the Transformation Charter of South Africa. Mr. Cowley is assisted by the WCPSC President, Mr. JP Naude in ensuring that the federations are all aligned with their transformation scores and implementation thereof.

The WCPSC implements a scorecard approach as per the National Transformation Charter. Sport Federations are required to input their targets and achievements annually. 

Women and Girls Commission

The Women and Girls commission has been tasked with the empowerment and increase of women in management positions and the growth of the sport among young women in particular.

The commission is chaired by Sunette Marais, from the Eden District Sport Council, and each of the six District Sport Councils have representation on the Women & Girls Commission.

They meet at least four times per year. Each of the District Sport Councils EXCO nominates someone on their EXCO to serve on this Provincial commission.

  • Chairperson Sunette Marais
  • Eden Rep Anita Barnard
  • Cape Winelands Rep Shane Solomons
  • Overberg Rep Merlize Dick
  • Cape Town Rep Sharon Siljeur
  • West Coast Rep Esta Visagie
  • Central Karoo Rep Vacant

Disability Sport Commission

To adopt and maintain a professional approach towards the providing of sports to persons with disabilities within the Western Cape Province with references to the respective/relevant disciplines:

  • Intellectually Impaired
  • Severely Mentally Impaired
  • Mildly Mentally Impaired
  • Deaf
  • Physically Disabled
  • Visually Impaired

To enable disability sport to grow at all levels of participation by providing more opportunities for athletes/administrators to develop their full potential.
Junior Level

      • Schools
      • Senior Level
      • Clubs

Western Cape Coaches Commission

Tasked with the plan to develop coaches from within the WCPSC membership, the coaches commission which is headed up by Advocate Lwandiso Kwababana makes sure adequate training and workshops are held to help coaches. This commission meets a few times during the year to discuss possible and potential projects that can be done in all six districts within the Western Cape. The commission's leadership consists of representation from each of six District Sport Council EXCO members. Like the other three commissions, delegates are tasked with implementing and promoting their portfolio in the Province. Chairperson Advocate Kwababana Cape Town Rep Terrance Hermanus Cape Winelands Rep Harun Haupt Central Karoo Rep Andile Sopete Eden Rep Overberg Rep Jackie Nicols West Coast Rep Kevin Friester