Provincial Confederation Webinars to focus on Excellence in Practical Sport Administration

The Western Cape Provincial Sport Confederation online education series is set to continue with free fortnightly webinars for sport in the province.

The series starting on 17 March 2021 is designed to support Provincial, District and Club sport structures with a view to supporting sport administrators in the Province in the pursuit of excellence in practical sport administration.

The series is structured in 45 Minute segments with a view to saving time and data, but yet be effective enough to pass on practical skills which are applicable and relevant to the current sporting environment in the Western Cape. The series of fortnightly webinars will be presented by current sport leaders who practice the current dynamics of sport in the Western Cape and South Africa and are currently implementing these practices.

After a number of requests to repeat the 2020 workshop on marketing and sponsorship, the 2021 series will start fortnightly sessions on Media, Marketing and Sponsorship for Federations and Clubs. This series has been in great demand and the WCPSC Executive Committee has agreed that with the constant pressure of low funding in sport these topics are a priority.

Additionally, the confederation has recognised that COVID has had a severe impact on club membership which has had a further negative impact on sport structures and as such the series will include a focus on membership retention and rejuvenation.

Included in the first three segments will be a look at the move to online in the sport sector, building a value proposition and reputation management.

Further fortnightly webinars will include transformation, leadership skills, financial management, high performance and various other educational segments on sports administration as guided by the members of the Western Cape Provincial Sport Confederation.

On conclusion of each 45 minutes session, the participant will have a good understanding of the topic and will be able to implement the practice at their Federation or Club immediately.

Sessions 1,2 and 3 details are listed below.
– The move to online in the sports arena
– Preparing the infrastructure for Sport Sponsorship
– Media and Content creation
– Creating the Sports Brand Value Proposition and the approach to market
– Membership Retention and Rejuvenation
– Reputation management and policies

If you wish to join the webinar please query directly with your Sport Federation.

Webinars every second Wednesday for 45 Minutes, from 8pm to 8:45.
Starting 17 March 2021

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