Federations sharing ahead of the game

The past few weeks have been particularly difficult for our members under the COVID-19 lockdown regulations and the request for COVID readiness sport plan submissions has made matters even more challenging.

The deadline for initial submissions has closed and most federations must now await government approval before they can return to play. Our members will now begin to work on education and implementation plans and strategies, so that they can fall in line with government’s conditions for a return to play. 

Over the past few weeks the Western Cape Provincial Sport Confederation has been holding weekly Zoom sessions with our members to help them with their planning and also to keep them up to date with what is expected from them with regard to adhering to government policy for a return to play.

The process includes a document sharing platform for federations to contribute and makes it easier for each other to understand the dynamics of COVID-19. It is an easier way to prepare documents in preparation for sport training and facility compliance.

The future of sport will most likely see compliance officers at all sport facilities. The Saturday morning sessions are currently attended by the vast majority of provincial sport codes.

These codes are engaging with their national federations and that helped them to compile their Covid-19 readiness blueprints for their support in the province which will roll out to district structures and clubs.

A large part of the work has been in relation to understanding government regulation as per national Gazette documents.