Provincial Sport Online store open

We’re excited to announce the opening of the Western Cape Provincial Sport Confederation online apparel store and shop. This service allows for a simplified apparel order process, better brand uniformity, and additional strategic extensions.

The sports apparel for our members and sport fans is ranged into three categories ie: official colours, replica items and leisurewear, and is available in the original classic apparel and the new provincial elite apparel design formats with home and away colour options.

Federations who apply for colours will use the new provincial elite apparel. As part of our brand growth and recognition strategy, the replica items are a welcome addition. This allows for friends, family, and fans to wear the same apparel but in supporter format.

By rolling out a replica range we are also in a position to provide our range to the retail sector in the future. Official colours can be recognised by the SPORT CODE reflected under the WCPSC emblem, and replica items with the word SPORT under the emblem.

WCPSC members qualify for a member discount when purchasing any of the items by simply entering their coupon code. (This can be obtained from the WCPSC Office)

To support our District Sport Councils and their members we have included the option for District Apparel which also includes the replica option. Currently all orders are for collection and payment via EFT. This will however change shortly as we strive to bring “global” awareness to our provincial brand, which will then require credit card and courier facilities.

All official apparel requires that we ensure you have the correct logo on your items and as such these orders require close attention once the order is placed. To ensure the process works smoothly the WCPSC office has been tasked to engage directly with any of our members placing order. This means we will discuss your apparel orders with you in advance to ensure your order is completed to your satisfaction.

Future options include creative unique code specific apparel, and we look forward to more suggestions from our members.

Members will also note the online shop includes additional items such as criminal clearance certificates, first aid courses and equipment. These items have been added at low-cost prices thanks to our official partners and suppliers.

You can view the store directly by visiting

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