Tri laterals Cape Town

It is Trilaterals time for the districts of the Western Cape Provincial Sport Confederation and for our member, the Cape Town Sport Council, it will be taking place from 10 to 13 February 2020.
The process, where the provincial government, the Department of Culture and Sport (DCAS) and our sport federations get together to discuss how government funding for the sport bodies was spent, started at the end of November.

Elton Davids, chairperson of the Cape Town Sport Council and executive committee member of the WCPSC, said he was looking forward to fruitful discussions.
Turning to other matters, he said that the Cape Town Sport Council would put a lot of emphasis on capacity building and information sharing in 2020, as part of the problem is that there is not enough carrying over of information and that is what is hampering effective operation.
We are in the period where federations are expected to hand in their transformation scorecards to WCPSC.
Talking about the pace of transformation and the transformation scorecard of Cape Town, Elton said it was never going to be 100% but at the end of the day there is at least movement and federations are transforming.
He said getting more women on executive committees depended on capacity building and on the willpower of current exco’s to change their meeting times to allow women to attend. He added that it was difficult for most women to attend meetings at night because of their domestic commitments.
He said a solution would be to have exco meetings on weekends so that our women administrators could sit in.