Western Cape Kickboxing delivers high standard competition

Kickboxing Western Cape, a member of the Western Cape Provincial Sport Confederation (WCPSC), held its provincial kickboxing championship in Mossel Bay the past Saturday (7 March) and according to its president, Josh Cloete, it was a huge success.
All six districts of WCPSC – Cape Town, Cape Winelands, Eden, Central-Karoo, Overberg and West Coast – took part. The weigh-in and registration took place on Friday and the competition on Saturday.
Cloete proclaimed himself happy with the way the championship proceeded and said it was a busy day, with the first item at 09:00 and the tournament closing at 15:00. Some districts

Josh Cloete President Western Cape Kickboxing

sent more representatives than others but Cloete reckons it was still a good turnout and compared to other years the tournament was a big success.

It was the first year all the districts were represented and that shows that the sport was gaining interest.
The athletes (male and female juniors, seniors and veterans) took part in two categories – Tatami comprising semi-contact kickboxing, light contact kickboxing and then light kickboxing. All these take place on the mat.
The other category takes place in the boxing ring, with full contact kickboxing, low kickboxing and K-1 kickboxing. Cloete said the standard of the competition was high, with particularly the technique and competing that raised the bar. He said WC Kickboxing was probably the only province in the country that has a provincial championship and that he was elated that the provincials are taking shape in such a nice way now. Cloete explained that the results are being ratified at the moment but should be available by Wednesday. Kickboxing WC’s team for the national championships in Pretoria on 17, 18 and 19 April in Pretoria will also be announced on Wednesday.
It will be a historic occasion, as it will be the first time a Western Cape team will be going to the nationals. Previously the districts sent representatives to go fight for national titles. That would still be the case, but this year a WC team will also go to nationals.
In future, however, a system will be implemented where the Western Cape team represents the province at national championships instead of the districts.