Kickboxing hits back at Covid-19

The Western Cape Provincial Kickboxing Association is feeling the effects of the Covid-19 virus and the subsequent national lockdown that led to the banning of all sport activities.

Josh Cloete, president of WC Kickboxing, said the body and its affiliated districts (Cape Town, West Coast, Cape Winelands, Overberg and Eden) are indeed experiencing tremendous challenges due to the current global phenomenon.

The biggest setback was undoubtedly the cancellation of the 2020 SA Kickboxing Championships, which was supposed to take place in Pretoria on 17, 18 and 19 April. A Western Cape team would have represented the province for the first time, as opposed to previously when the districts sent teams to nationals.

Cloete in the same breath said none of the districts have suffered severe financial losses due to the situation. However, potential financial gains were lost due to planned events not taking place. Cape Town had to cancel 5 events, West Coast 2, Cape Winelands 4 and Eden 5.

Josh added it was important to acknowledge that most of the events are hosted by individual clubs within the districts, which is sometimes for club fundraising and/or the livelihood of the event organiser(s).

Most of the kickboxers are currently training at home and some members (particularly in the Eden District) are assisting with soup kitchens and other projects in the community.

The South African Kickboxing Association’s (SAKA) executive committee is currently exploring the options of online kickboxing competitions to ensure the significance and sustainability of the sport during this difficult time.

The Exco is also perusing the World Health Organisation’s guidelines for events in order to see which of the kickboxing disciplines can be utilised for physical competitions.