Coaching Commission keeps going

It is tough to stay active during the National Lockdown, but the Western Cape Provincial Sport Confederation’s Coaching Commission is finding ways to keep moving forward.
Advocate Lwandiso Kwababana is the chairperson of the WCPSC Coaches Commission. The commission comprises of the coaches representatives from the six districts of the Western Cape Province and is geared towards the empowerment of coaches of the various sport federations. 
Tasked with the plan to develop coaches from within the WCPSC membership, the coaches commission makes sure adequate training and workshops are held to help coaches. Adv. Kwababana’s functions include the smooth implementation of South African Coaching Policies and other strategic plans that can ensure a viable WCPSC Coaching Commission.
The chairperson said his body obviously is observing the government’s call for self-isolation but still needs to stay active and in touch with its leadership and the coaches. The last thing you want as a coach is no action; you need to keep active because you need to be fit and ready for action at any moment.
So, the Coaching Commission has decided to use technology in the form of WhatsApp, Zoom, and email to communicate with each other and the coaches. They are planning a meeting with the coaches too on Zoom to discuss the way forward, focusing on the Provincial Federation Coaching Commission.
According to Adv. Kwababana they want to look at data, get data on the system and establish whether they have a viable Coaching Commission.
A communications channel will also be set up for effective communication with coaches at district level. Discussions will revolve around issues such as what should be done during Lockdown, what coaches should be focusing on and how athletes should be kept busy.
The Coaching Commission is also circulating information regarding the Coronavirus relief fund, because some coaches can benefit from that fund as they suffer financial losses during the Lockdown period.
Adv. Kwabanana admitted there were big challenges in getting people together for an online meeting – such as high data costs and not everybody having the technology to participate – but he was adamant that they will overcome those challenges.
Adv. Kwababana added there are lots of other things the Commission is doing, saying they need to utilise the Lockdown, as much as it is a hiccup for them. They have decided to use the time to finalise the Western Cape Coaching Commission Policy which speaks to their terms of reference.
He says the Coaching Commission will be the only commission drafting terms of reference and they will submit it soon to the executive committee of the WCPSC for ratification.
His message to all athletes and administrators of WCPSC was to stay motivated and keep pushing hard while at the same time observe the President’s call to stay at home and be safe.