Calling on sport to fight COVID-19

The Western Cape Provincial Sport Confederation (WCPSC) is calling on all sport leaders, administrators, players, coaches, and fans to get behind the fight to stop the Coronavirus.

As the sport leadership in the province – with many of us involved in sport at national, provincial, district and club level – we firmly believe that sport has the ability to change the nation.

If ever there was a time to see the sport movement get behind a campaign, that time is now. We understand that sport has the ability to enable the transfer of messages and influence thinking, habits and actions with great success. This is evident from the billions that is spent in the sport sponsorship market every year.

Now the sport sector can get behind the fight to stop the Coronavirus.

We now call on all sport leaders to drive this initiative and pass on the message for all to participate and reach the sport sector, the sport fans and the greater public at large.

The process is very simple, with an easy to read and remember message using the hashtag #SportAgainstCovid when posting the video on the social media platforms.

Contributors should film themselves using their smartphones with the words.

“Hi, I’m ( Name ) from ( Sport ), This is my message to everyone watching. Just like me, you can help stop the spread of COVID-19. Please remember to practice social distancing, wash your hands and always wear a mask. Together we can stop the virus!”