Women and Girls Commission will be hosting yet another online zoom session


The Western Cape Provincial Sport Confederation Women and Girls Commission will be hosting yet another online session with Dr Debbie Alexander, Clinical Psychologist and SASCOC head of high performance, and now joined by Dr Denise Bouah, author of the recently released book Sport Psychology for Children.

Wednesday: 30 September 2020. Zoom Online, 7pm-8pm. Please click here to register on Zoom now


Dr Debbie Alexander


Dr Denise Bouha

Dr Debbie Alexander served as the President of Triathlon South Africa (TSA) between 2009 and 2016 and as vice-president between 2007-2009.

She is Chairperson of the SASCOC High-Performance Committee.

Dr Alexander has a PhD in neuropsychology/sport and she is a Clinical Psychologist by profession.
 Dr Denise Bouah is a counselling psychologist who specializes in Sport Psychology.

She holds a BPsych (Child Context), MA Counselling Psychology with specialization in Sport Psychology, and a DPhil Human Movement Science degree.

She lives in Cape Town where she runs a sport psychology practice. Dr Bouah is the author of Sport Psychology for children.

How do Olympic Athletes remain motivated during challenging times?

How can athletes mentally prepare for TOKYO 2021

With athletes not able to compete in competition – what alternative s have they had.

How can athletes deal with setbacks.

Advice for those athletes who have Tokyo or even Paris in their sights


Why Sport Psychology for Children

How can we teach Children good habits in Sport

Mindfulness and breathing

Teach children to focus.

Handle setbacks and teach our children to deal with it.

Teach our children to make it better for other children when they are disappointed.

Why is mental preparation important for children

Wednesday: 30 September 2020: Online, 7pm-8pm,

Please click here to register on Zoom now