Guidelines on Federation good standing

Non compliance is a termed used which indicates a poor pattern of behaviour and results in non good standing.

Non good standing can be considered as temporary suspension.
  • Meeting attendance: any 2 consecutive  meetings missed and immediately in non good standing.
  •  Will be back in compliance at next meeting attendance
  • All fees required to be up to date within 60 days of invoice.
  • Immediate non-good standing unless reserved
  • All transformation targets to be updated by the designated deadlines.
    • Immediate non good standing until submitted and approved by Transoformation Committee.
  • Annual transformation achievements to be submitted by deadline.
    • Immediate non good standing until submitted and approved by Transoformation Committee.
  • All executive members admin information to be updated monthly, if any changes. Two weeks to comply.
  • Federations are required to pass on correspondence to district councils with confirmation.
    • Any two failures to confirm results in non good standing.
  • Failure to have designated representatives as per district portfolio.
    • 6 weeks to remedy, after which non good standing until such time as remedied.
  • Notice of District EXCO meetings required. Discretionary.
  • Notice and feedback of AGM required. Discretionary.
  • Annual invite to Federation and district council AGM’s required with two weeks notice in advance.
  • Notification of the designated independent elective officer at any elective AGM. with two weeks notice.
  • Failure to attend any two consecutive workshops.
    • Immediate non-good standing, until the next workshop.
  • Failure to implement constitutional change requests. 2 months to remedy.
    • One week to publish and invite with intention to remedy.
  • Failure to take disputes to arbitration. Discretionary.
  • Failure to use correct communication protocols and channels. Discretionary.