Western Cape Karateka eyeing gold at online African Championships

A number of athletes from the Karate Association of the Western Cape will be strong contenders for titles at the UFAK Online Championship that starts on 12 December.

The Kata competition is an online one and open for karateka from the ages 8 to 14.

Kata is described as a movements or dance of karate – fighting in a structured or choreographed manner. The tournament is hosted by the African governing body for karate.

Seven karateka from the Western Cape will be vying for continental titles. These athletes are Nicole Ayers, Kelly Barends, Ledario de Wee, Chloe Fischer, Chrissandro Flemmer, Carla Luff and Kelsey Warding.

They are expected to videotape their performance at home or a dojo and submit it to the panel of judges within 24 hours.

They will have a number to indicate to the judges which athlete it is that is performing. The judges then have 24 hours to award points and indicate whether the participant will progress to the next round.

Karate Association of the Western Cape officials are optimistic that the local competitors would give a good account of themselves, as the province is renowned for producing the goods at big tournaments. The girls, particularly, are expected to perform well.

People can follow the action online at the website sportdata.org.

Meanwhile, Carol Daniels, technical convenor of the Karate Association of the Western Cape, a member of the Western Cape Provincial Sport Confederation, said that the Western Cape Championships will take place in March 2021.

To find out more about karate in the Western Cape, visit www.westerncapekarate.co.za.



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