Gymnastics pro-active during Lockdown

The Lockdown has brought gymnastic competitions to a standstill but behind the scenes plans and programs are being devised to ensure that the administrators and gymnasts hit the ground running when things return to normal.

That is the assurance from the president of Western Cape Gymnastics, Melvin Edwards. Western Cape Gymnastics, a member of the Western Cape Provincial Sport Confederation, represents 3 600 athletes.

The Covid-19 virus and the subsequent national Lockdown led to all clubs being closed down and that had a huge financial impact on club owners, administrators and coaches who now are not earning a salary or stipend.

Melvin said these people are now feeling the brunt of the Lockdownand, but they are gathering more information about the procedure to apply for government financial aid for those in the gymnastics fraternity that have been affected financially by the Lockdown.

It is, however, not all doom and gloom and WC Gymnastics are imploring their members and their families to have fun too in the form of challenges.

At a national level they have introduced various platforms where people can do anything from fitness classes and gymnastic courses to online mental fitness courses. WC Gymnastics asked members to pose different challenges online and clubs are doing training videos online.

Gymnasts are getting routines they can practice at home. An interesting one is the Alphabet Challenge, where gymnasts spell their name and a certain letter will be their training routine for the day. Some clubs send their gymnasts various words for the day, like commitment or safe, and they have to do the program associated with the word.

Each letter of the alphabet has been allocated various activities, from fitness activities to gymnastic skill.
He said there are various disciplines in gymnastics, such as artistic gymnastics, trampoline, tumbling, 

rhythmic gymnastics, aerobics, acrobatics, parkour, and for some of these it is easier to practice at home because you do not need equipment.

Meanwhile he advises athletes and administrators alike to stay at home, be safe and do their bit to ensure we flatten the curve. 

To see more from Melvin Edwards on Sports Federation TV click here.

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