Central Karoo Sport planning for after Lockdown

The national Lockdown seriously disrupted sporting activities in the Central Karoo District Sport Council with the biggest setback that their crown jewel, the Easter Spectacular Soccer Tournament, could not take place.
But David Maans, Chairman of the Central Karoo District Sport Council, a member of the Western Cape Provincial Sport Confederation, was optimistic despite expressing his disappointment about the cancellation of the tournament.
The tournament was supposed to be held over the Easter weekend and was cancelled for the first time in 37 years. SAFA Central Karoo is the host of the tournament, which attracts 24 club teams from all over the country to Beaufort West annually.  This makes it the biggest amateur football competition in the country.    
The popular netball tournament that is taking place at the same time also had to be cancelled.
David said he feels for the federations and sport clubs, as they are experiencing difficult times. Central Karoo District Sport Council is currently busy with research to establish what the needs of their members and players are to formulate a plan of action to assist them.
Unlike some other Districts and Federations Central Karoo is not in the position to communicate via the digital communication platforms Zoom or Skype because not all members have the equipment to make use of those platforms. So WhatsApp is the preferred means of communicating with each other.
He says all the clubs adhere to the ban on sporting activities imposed by the government and nobody is exercising. But the window for exercise that the government permitted under Level 4 of the Lockdown – from 6 – 9 am – gives athletes the chance to exercise again and he encourages them to make use of the opportunity.
David said he was aware that the soccer players are following home exercise training programs but he does not know what the other Federations are doing.
His advice to his members and athletes is that they should be safe and obey the regulations imposed by government because once Lockdown is over they want to go full steam ahead with sporting activities.
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