Chess Western Cape are now growing their game online

Online chess is their saving grace during the lockdown. That is the message from Andre Lewaks, president of the Western Cape Chess Association. The Western Cape Chess Association is a member of the Western Cape Provincial Sport Confederation and represents chess clubs, schools, and tertiary institutions from all the districts of the WCPSC. Western Cape […]

Cape Town finds ways to stays active

The Cape Town Sport Council, under the astute leadership of Elton Davids, is forging ahead with plans to keep its members active and focused in the face of the national Lockdown brought on by the devastating Covid-19 virus. Davids is also an executive member of the Western Cape Provincial Sport Confederation (WCPSC). All sporting activities […]

Tri laterals Cape Town

It is Trilaterals time for the districts of the Western Cape Provincial Sport Confederation and for our member, the Cape Town Sport Council, it will be taking place from 10 to 13 February 2020. The process, where the provincial government, the Department of Culture and Sport (DCAS) and our sport federations get together to discuss […]

Cape Town to discuss Sports Amendment Bill

The Cape Town Sport Council and its Federations, affiliated to the Western Cape Provincial Sport Confederation, recently had a meeting to discuss the draft National Sport and Recreation Amendment Bill. The bill seeks to “to amend the National Sport and Recreation Act, 1998, so as to delete, amend and insert certain definitions; to provide for […]